My Journey

At this stage when I look back I realize that all my thinking, experiences, actions, reactions are associated to music directly or indirectly; especially when music becomes my life's goal and also a full time profession.

I was born in Solapur on 13 Jan 1985. Solapur is comparatively a small place. We are a middle class family. My mother was a music teacher and my father had been working for LIC. My elder brother was excellent in academics & was also interested in music.Though my mother was a music teacher nobody in our family particularly followed music as a full-time career. However, I was greatly fascinated towards music!! Donít know how!! The passion was so much that I started feeling like there was nothing as important as music for me...

The place of the guru in our culture is huge and truly exalted -- your parents are your first and natural gurus and then comes the place of your teacher, guide and mentor. In fact, the guru's status is often deemed higher than that of ANYBODY else including God as per perhaps the most radical social reformer of this land, Sant Kabeer. I have been extremely fortunate in finding gurus who were not only accomplished performer, vidwans but also great people. The adjective, "Praatah smaraniya" totally befits them. My life has been blessed and sweetened with the nectar of their unreserved affection and blessings since I started training with them at various stages of my musical development. My musical journey began quite early in life when I was five years old. Fortunately I got my Mother Smt. Vrinda Sarvadikar as my first Guru and critic. I got further guidance from Late Shri Dattusinghji Gaherwar who was a well known music teacher from Solapur. He was disciple of Pt. Vinayakrao Patwardhan of Gwalior Gharana. He was blind from his birth. But was independent, music devoted and disciplined person. His sense regarding sound was such powerful that even by listening sound of walking he could guess the person ... ! From that period I remember struggling hours and doing riyaz to improve my singing ability. During that period I heard all styles of music so passionately and I started having a liking towards a certain style. That was no one but living legend 'Dr. Prabha Atre' the doyen of Indian Classical Music, whose contribution and personality is unique in Indian classical music. Prabhaji's music not only challenges isteners' brain but at the same time it touches their soul. This moved me. She listens to me as a judge. She consented to teach me. I was overjoyed. I had passed a difficult test. But further proceedings were extremely tough as I had not undergone any mainstream "Taaleem" (learning) till then. To learn even a small piece I had to struggle for hours. Because of kind nature of Prabhatai I could tremendously improve in further years... I consider it to be my singular privilege to have had the chance to learn from Prabha ji.

For my Further study since 2008 I am settled in Mumbai. Along with strict disciplined training of music, we also had hours of discussion on various aspects which has given proper thinking process to me. Along with excellent teaching, she also opens the doors of composition, writing, anchoring as well as becoming good connoisseur and guru. The ability to experiment, think in different and own way and to imagine many facets of single thing is generated within me because of my beloved Guruma. She insisted that I complete my academic graduation in stream of science hence I have completed B.Sc. Also I hold my post graduation M.Mus in music (with gold medal). I am also doing research for my PhD work. Along with music I have developed my keen interest in poetry, reading and anchoring too.

She taught me in a unique way, developed musical vision ( ' Nazar ' ) in me and also developed my voice in proper way. Only after permission of Prabhaji to perform publicly I started to perform publicly. She is very consciously observing my progress. I have also accompanied her in prestigious public concerts. I have performed successful concerts and shows in India and abroad, the path seems to be getting brighter and brighter with the blessings from all...

During my small journey I have the love and concern from the people who are like lamp house, whose support and blessings is back bone to me

I have come along, all this far, without the backing of any Godfather/Godmother or institution, all on the basis of my own merit and talent. I attribute my success to hard work and the blessings of my mother, my Gurus and all my well-wishers and friends who are eminent personalities from a variety of fields like music, theater, dance, advertising, engineering, IT, education and many others.