The academy isa dream project of Dr. AtindraSarvadikar… who considers teaching as a second opportunity to learn...

This academy aims to offer fruitful music training to learnersand lovers of Indian Music. It makes sincere effort to blend the best and applicable aspects of the traditional Guru-Shishyaparamparaand Academic - exam oriented system. For instance, similar to the Guru-Shishyaparamparaof early morning riyaaz, this academy will offer preplanned morning riyaaz hours. As per need of today’s fast paced life, recorded lessons, and other material will be available. Like thetraditional Guru-ShishyaParampara where a unique mentorship was provided to each individual, the Dr. ATINDRA SARVADIKAR’S ACADEMY OF MUSIC (A.S.A.M.) is a humble and sincere effort to relive thesekey aspects of Indian tradition in today’s context.

This academy is a branch of Dr. PrabhaAtre Foundation’s SwarmayeeGurukul Pune.

In currenttimes where music classes are conducted solely on commercial basis with focus on mere completion of syllabus and passing music exams, students are left directionless and are forced to give up music. Students are given minimal guidance about entering the performance circuit and pursuing music sustainably. In such a scenario, the Dr. ATINDRA SARVADIKAR’S ACADEMY OF MUSIC (A.S.A.M.) aims to introduce students to a sustainable path of music.

Dr. Atindra Sarvadikar is regarded as an extremely sincere, hardworking and brilliant vocal artist. He has rigorously trained in both traditional Guru-Shishya Parampara and University system. He is pursuing music since the age of five and has had systematic training under Smt. Vrinda Sarvadikar, Late. Shri.Dattusingh Gaherwar and living legend Padmabhushan Dr. Prabha Atre. Dr. Atindra holds a Doctorate and Master degree in Music from University of Mumbai. He has had the honor of being awarded the very first Doctorate degree in Music from University of Mumbai. Hiscreative endeavor and diverse experience as a ‘Singer, Composer, Researcher, Author, Poet and Guru’ distinguish him from other artists of his generation. Through school and college years he received 28 state level awards in various reputed competitions. He is a regular and reputed name in today’s concert circuit as well in media at national & international level. Presently he also works as an assistant professor (Music) at Institute of distance & open learning (IDOL), University of Mumbai. [To read more kindly visit www.atindra.in ]

Special featureof theacademy are -

1. The A.S.A.M.is dedicated to Indian Classical and semi classicalvocal music.

2. There will be specially trained teachers for beginners. Dr.Atindra will monitor their progress through specially arranged sessions.

3. Teachers trained with Dr. AtindraSarvadikar will give home tuition for different levels and different age groups.

4. Dr. Atindra is willing to nurture talented students into professionals who aspire to take music as career. To start such rigorous training, initial training must be thoroughly completed. For this level paid accommodation to outsiders will be arranged.

5. Dr. Atindra will personally guide students who are pursuing exams like – Sangeet - Visharad, SangeetAlankar, Sangeetacharyaof GandharvaMandaland B.Mus., M.Mus.M.Phil.andPh.D. of any University.

6. There will be special and useful training to aspiring composers, playback singers and performers.

7. Voice exercise batches for the actors to improve dialogue delivery are designed.

8. There will be workshops on different themes for each student group.

9. The A.S.A.M. will channelize students who are interested to pursue courses like Sound engineering, Music arrangements and other studio work.

10. Grooming of the overall personality of a student is aimed. Activities like group reading, listening sessions, anchoring, composition making, organizing a program, participation in programs and competitions are planned.

Sincerity, humility, responsibility, patience & pure love for Indian classical music are prerequisite to take admission to the A.S.A.M.

Present Locations of the A.S.A.M

•Main Branch

Dr. Atindra Sarvadikar

Pragati B/303, 90 feet road,

Gavanpada, behind Bank of Baroda

Mulund East Mumbai 81

#Contact: +919823626480

•Panvel Branch of A.S.A.M.

Sachin Wankhede

Foster Kids Pre school chain

Baban Kenichawl, first floor,

Near Mahalaxmi Estate, Sukhapur,

New Panvel

#Contact - +918369033868