Smt. Vrinda Sarvadikar

Vrinda ji is my first guru and Mother. She is a well known music teacher from Solapur and well known amongst students for her excellent guidance. she is disciple of late Shri Dattusingh Gaherwar.

Late Shri Dattusingh Gaherwar

Shri Dattusingh Gaherwar was disciple of legendary Pandit Vinayakrao Patwardhan. Gaherwarji was a well known Guru and especially known for his systematic and traditional way of training. For more than 50 years he taught the music with tremendous dedication and made wonderful students.

Padmabhushan Dr Prabha Atre - The Legend of Indian Classical Music

 Internationally renowned Hindustani classical vocalist Dr. Prabha Atre is perhaps the only performer who has also excelled as a brilliant thinker, academician, author, composer and teacher of music hence she has fetched a distinct place for herself in the creative world. She is one of the senior most, front ranking vocalists in the country representing the Kirana gharaanaa, today.She is among the most prominent Indian Classical Music artists in the 20th century. Her creative mind, her endeavor has made her distinct from other vocalist of her generation.  Along with soul-stirring, sonorous voice, her vocalizing is in perfect diction and clarity which became a trademark of Prabha Atre.
She has performed a major role in popularizing Indian classical vocal music at global level. Her pleasant and dignified presence on stage, her chaste and creative approach, her imaginative play with subtleties of tones and dynamics, her effortless control over intricate yet appealing phrases in aalaap, taan and sargam, her precise articulation of words and stirring portrayal of the emotional themes all together raised her work to the level of extreme superiority. Dr Prabha Atre's music is a great combination of the rigours of tradition that blended harmoniously with the autonomy of artistic innovation. The listener is always offered many surprises of scholarly phrases coupled with novelty in her rendition. She is among those rare artists who are having equal mastery over different musical forms like Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, Gazal, geet, Natyasangeet, Devotional songs etc. A little-known fact is her short stint as a singing stage-actress in early days of her carrier.
The indefatigable, octogenarian Diva Prabha ji who is indisputably a composer par excellence always mesmerized the connoisseurs with her compositions in various musical forms bearing imprints of her creative genius. She also authored books on the various aspects of music that are especially relevant to the present day performance.Her sincerity to art and sensitivity to the times clearly surface in her thinking and singing, all these make her music a singularly satisfying experience.
She has Participated in all major and prestigious music festivals (government and public), held in India and abroad for numerous times. For her unparalleled persona and contributions she is awarded with numerous national and international awards. Padmabhushan, Rashtriya Kalidas Sanman, Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, Giants International Award, Godavari Gaurav Puraskar, Akademi Tagore Ratna Puraskar etc. are name to the few. Her fans and admirers conferred with titles Swarmayee (one who became unite with Swar), Swaryogini (master practitioner of SwarYoga) and Gaanprabha (one whose music is luminous with the Universal light).  

Dr Prabha Atre, todays the senior most and finest exponent of the Indian Music whose name is synonymous with whatever is pristine in music.  I consider it to be my singular privilege to have regularly learning & closely get associated with her as a disciple for such long time & it is truly fruitful.   Iam working painstakingly through rigorous daily riyaaz to imbibe her ‘Nazar’ & aesthetical approach to achive authenticity in this unique musical style.