Work Experience :

  • Apart from live concerts experience of singing for commercial CDs, albums, movies, serials, short films, jingles as well for background music. Numerous projects are released by known labels and getting good public acclaim.
  • Participated in reputed live programs as well various channels of TV, Radio and FM programs (included national and international levels)
  • Apart from Marathi and Hindi sung in Tamil, Kannada, and Sanskrit etc.
  • Presently working as an Assistant professor (Music) at Mumbai University's Institute of distance and open learning, popularly known as IDOL. Institute also runs specialization & degree courses in music. Atindra has played a key role in making syllabus, its implementation, preparing study material as well incorporating innovative methods to learn music through distance learning (Since June 01, 2016)
  • Worked as a Regular Teaching Faculty at Department of Music University of Mumbai For Indian Classical Vocal Music. (Both for theory & Practical- diploma, graduation & post-graduation level) also worked as examiner, moderator & paper setter. (Since 2014 till May 2016)
  • Worked with RFU International music foundation Mumbai as a head, Musicologist & leading singer. The foundation was working to promote classical music worldwide through CDs & website. Also had several hours of experience in online teaching there. (April 2010 to Feb 2014)
  • Appointed as a Guru[1] at Dr. Prabha Atre foundation's "Swarmayee Gurukul" . It's an internationally known & prestigious Music Institute, which is run by the living legend and beloved Guruma Dr. Prabha Atre. This is the institution that amalgamates traditional Guru-Shishya style of teaching and contemporary classroom teaching of Indian Classical Music. Students from all over world are learning here. (from 2014 till today)
  • Published various research articles & articles for reputed Magazines, Newspapers and Research journals (including ISSN, ISBN recognized research journals)
  • Judge & Examiner for reputed Competitions as well as at the Gandharva Mandal exams (Visharad & Alankar level).
  • Presented thematic concerts as well concert of own compositions.
  • Conducted seminars, lec-dems Music appreciation courses & musical workshops for Indian and foreign music students.
  • Experience of presenting thematic concerts like Krishnarang, Bhakti-ras and concert on compositions of Dr. Prabha Atre etc.
  • Has many private students of different levels. Some are regularly performing in concerts & recordings.

[1] - Guru is a Sanskrit term for "Teacher" or "Master", especially in Indian religions. The Indian Music tradition is Guru-Shishya tradition is the oral tradition or experiential wisdom transmitted from teacher to student.

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