Atindra Sarvadikar is a noted singer of today's generation. He is blessed with original & soulful voice. His music is a beautiful blend of intelligence, creation, emotion & tradition.
His equal command over various music forms including Indian Classical, Semi-classical, Gazals, Fusion, Films, Devotional & various Contemporary Music forms made him distinct.
He is regularly performing in concerts at various platforms all over India and abroad.He has also performed for various TV & Radio channels as well as recorded commercially.
Atindra’s creative endeavor as well divers experience as a 'Singer, Composer, Researcher, Author, Poet and Guru' has distinguished him from many other artists of his generation. Atindra holds the degree of doctorate in Music under University of Mumbai.

sankalp festival
whole night festival  30 September
Jodhpur Rajasthan
sankalp festival , whole night festival , 30 September , Jodhpur Rajasthan